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A collection of my personal experiences, perspectives, and outlooks to help you unlock new levels of creativity, possibility, and sustained success that leads to legacy.

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The Importance of Reinvesting in Yourself

Over the past six months, I have experienced a significant change in pace. It all started in the fall of 2022 when my wife was seven months pregnant with our third child. At the time,

Learning to Embrace the New Seasons of Life

The events of the past few years have been a period of incredible change for many of us. These shifts and changes have come from every direction, including domestic and geopolitical, social, economic, and environmental

Entering the Creator Economy on Your Own Terms

The creator economy has been a popular topic for several years now — and for good reason. It has created new opportunities for individuals with knowledge, passion, and skills to follow their interests and earn

The Two Sides of Operating With Integrity

Creating a solid reputation for yourself and your business is THE way to build professional trust and credibility. It requires commitment and dedication to operating with integrity and with ethical principles. The premise is simple:

AI is Making EQ + Experience the New Competitive Edge

In this new age of information, having access to data and information is no longer a bottleneck. Information is everywhere. User-generated social media information, private label blog content, and news and information sites. The rise

How to Embrace Failure is a Viable Option

We all have professional hopes and dreams we are pursuing. As we move closer to achieving them leads the each new stage feels bigger stages and the air feels thinner. The higher you climb, the

Embrace change to pursue success that fulfills you

Look around you — there are different version of success in every direction. Everyone defines it differently for themselves — some are successful because they are living in their passion. Others are successful because they’ve

Building a Hall of Fame Legacy

In a world full of instant gratification consistency still wins I was honored and privileged to be inducted into the Greater New Orleans Sports Hall of Fame this summer. I was one of six inductees