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Mindset Shift

Use Introspection as a Tool to Fuel Growth

Many of us use the new year as a convenient time to set new goals and resolutions to better ourselves and grow, both personally and professionally. That growth means something different to everybody. There is no one size fits all approach because each of us is starting from a different position. Have you set goals …

Marques Colston
Marques Colston

I help athletes, entrepreneurs, and executives unlock creativity and possibility to achieve sustained success that leads to legacy.

The Creating Separation blog is a collection of experiences and insights that I have encountered in my journey, both personally and professionally.


Building Valuable and Intentional Relationships

Building and maintaining relationships has been an ongoing learning experience throughout my evolution from athlete to businessman and entrepreneur. The most meaningful relationships I’ve built …


Tomorrow’s Legacy Will Be a Result of Today’s Decisions

Legacy is a term that’s used often, especially in the sports world. When you’re playing a sport with an average career that spans 3-5 years, …

Mindset Shift

Failure is an Option- Learn to Embrace Failure as a Growth Opportunity

It’s a given; no one sets out to fail. We all have hopes and dreams, and many will lead us to bigger and bigger stages …


What is Holding You Back From Your Potential?

When you look at your current professional role, does it allow you to maximize your full potential? For some of us, there are certain realities …

Irrational Confidence

Sometimes You Need to Reintroduce Yourself

In my most notable career, I was a wide receiver with the New Orleans Saints. In spending ten years there, I was fortunate to win …

Irrational Confidence

Win or Learn- An Entrepreneur’s Mindset

When you choose to pursue entrepreneurship, it’s highly likely that you’ll lose some battles (maybe a lot) along your journey. Losses come from different angles, …