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A collection of my personal experiences, perspectives, and outlooks to help you unlock new levels of creativity, possibility, and sustained success that leads to legacy.

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Define Your Own Version of Success

If you pay attention to social media, you can find any number of business and brand success stories to draw inspiration from. There is always a new online coaching offering or a new “low-risk” or

Grow Today, Win Tomorrow

These days it is easy to look successful. With a strong social media game, you can project a level of expertise and accomplishment that doesn’t match your reality. You can convince people for a while, and maybe

Lessons the NFL Taught Me About Entrepreneurship

After a decade of success in the NFL,  I retired from football and dove into business and entrepreneurship full time. There I realized that many of the same insights and mindset that helped me navigate

Win or Learn: An Entrepreneur’s Mindset

When you choose to pursue entrepreneurship, it’s highly likely that you’ll lose some battles (maybe a lot) along your journey. Losses come from different angles, in different forms. Sometimes it appears in the form of

Building Valuable and Intentional Relationships

Building and maintaining relationships has been an ongoing learning experience throughout my evolution from athlete to businessman and entrepreneur. The most meaningful relationships I’ve built in business have started as meaningful dialogue. The dialogue led

Allow me to reintroduce myself

Sometimes, you have to shift your approach to take your potential into your own hands. By embracing change and uncertainty, you learn to unlock new professional creativity and the untapped possibility that exists beyond the