AI is Making EQ + Experience the New Competitive Edge

In this new age of information, having access to data and information is no longer a bottleneck. Information is everywhere. User-generated social media information, private label blog content, and news and information sites. The rise of AI platforms, like ChatGPT, has led the charge. ChatGPT is an AI platform that’s revolutionizing how businesses access and use information, giving companies and people the edge they need to stay ahead in the digital world.

So, if the introduction and mass adoption of AI concepts like ChatGPT make information a new commodity. In this new environment, EQ and experience will move into focus. Now it’s about leveraging your experience and knowledge to give it context and make it work for you. Here are a few ways to think about your next moves within this changing landscape:

The Generalist has a built-in competitive edge

The power of AI platforms lies with those who know how to extract the right information. The ability to prompt the AI platform to produce exactly the type of information you’re looking for will become an in-demand skill. You’re already seeing job titles like “Prompt Engineer” being hired by technology-led companies. They are paying hefty salaries for this role because they understand the value of having someone in-house that can leverage the platforms. The calculation companies are making is that hiring one Prompt Engineer can streamline and displace many other processes and people.

If you are looking to learn more, or just explore any of the new AI platforms and applications, understand that those who possess multidisciplinary skillsets have an advantage. Your ability to contextualize prompts from multiple perspectives is a game-changer. Your intimate knowledge and in multiple areas will allow you to take deeper dives into the platform to extract more novel and unique information to build value.

“What you know” is no longer enough

In a world where everyone has access to information at their fingertips, information is no longer enough by itself. The information economy will soon give way to the insight economy. When information is applied, the feedback loop creates new insights or contextual understanding that goes beyond the surface. Information alone can’t contextualize your interactions with the audience you’re creating content for. It can’t explain the nuance of why the code is being built in a specific way. The information provided becomes more suggestive than objective truths. The insights you apply to the information make all the difference.

Situational Awareness will be key

How can you leverage the information provided by AI platforms like Chat GPT? Situationally. Every situation brings a different use case. The more tuned in you are with the specific demands and requirements of each situation, the more value you can provide using the tools. Sometimes you may be looking for a framework to get started. Other times you may be looking for an answer to use verbatim. But the one size fits all approach will provide generic results. The only way to right-size the tools for each situation is to intimately understand the requirements and outcomes you’re trying to achieve.

AI platforms like ChatGPT are revolutionizing the way businesses use information. As a byproduct of this movement, EQ and insights, when augmented by AI, will create new blue ocean opportunities. This new age of information requires generalist skillsets, contextual understanding, and situational awareness to unlock its full potential. Leveraging this technology with the right insights and understanding can give businesses the edge they need to stay ahead.

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