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Podcast Appearances

NFL Players Second Acts Podcast
Being Professor Colston, Winning Superbowl 44
This episode features Marques’ transition from the NFL to business and academia, discussing his experience as a professor and memories from winning Superbowl 44.
The Brendan Burns Show
NFL Star Marques Colston on Fame, Grief, and Winning Superbowl XLIV

Marques opens up about his NFL journey, touching on the aspects of fame, coping with grief, and the exhilarating experience of winning Superbowl XLIV.

Revenue Above Replacement
Marques Colston
Marques dives into the intersection of sports and business, sharing insights on how athletes can maximize their revenue potential beyond their playing careers.
Beyond the Ball
How to Create Separation in Life
Marques explores the concept of ‘Creating Separation’ in life, offering strategies for personal and professional advancement.
The Mental Wealth Show
Creating Separation ft. Marques Colston
Marques explains the principles of ‘Creating Separation,’ while discussing mental wealth and personal development.

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