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I spent 10 years of my life as an NFL athlete, working to perfect my craft while competing against some of the best athletes in the world. In my position as a wide receiver my job description was to find ways to create separation- leverage my defender and find openings in the defense.

I was never the most physically gifted player on the field, so I had to develop a different set of skills- a strategic advantage. I learned to study my opponents to understand where I could exploit their weaknesses and maximize my strengths. That mental approach allowed me to perform at the highest level year in and year out, becoming one of the most productive players in New Orleans Saints and NFL history.

As I began my transition from football into business over 15 years ago, I transferred that same mindset and approach to create separation in business. As an investor, entrepreneur, and advisor to numerous startups, this mindset has allowed me to create unique growth opportunities that position companies for success.

Growth and Success Begins
With a Mindset

My growth and success that I've experienced in football and business is built on a growth mindset I call Irrational Confidence™. These three pillars have helped me achieve goals that were irrational to most:


Set ambitious goals that exceed expectations


Work to become a master of your craft

Work daily to develop positive habits

Entrepreneur. Strategist. Speaker. Champion

I have spent the last 15+ years working to create an improbable path to success. Through it all, my mindset and belief system has been the anchor that has allowed my to achieve at the highest levels as a Superbowl champion and business leader.

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You always knew what you were going to get from Marques, and that was everything that he had.

Sean Payton Head Coach, New Orleans Saints

His professionalism, leadership and the guidance that he provided to our younger players were just as instrumental to our team’s success as his significant contributions on the field.

Mickey Loomis General Manager, New Orleans Saints

As a student-athlete, as a professional, and as an alumnus, Marques has always been a generous and thoughtful member of the community, who consistently gave of himself and exhibited the highest standards of excellence.

Stuart Rabinowitz President, Hofstra University

Marques’ unique vision and thoughtful approach have allowed us to take an unstructured plan and adapt it into a formalized business model that has us poised to take things to the next level. He made quick work of becoming a critical member of the Center for Innovation team.

Adam Glasofer, MD Chief Innovation Officer, Virtua Health Center for Innovation

Marques has distinguished himself as a serial entrepreneur who has gained a sophisticated understanding of the business world. He is also a model of perseverance and self-improvement.

John Nicklow President, University of New Orleans

The Art of Irrational Confidence ™

“I believe there are parallels between success in business and winning championships in professional sports, competing against the best athletes in the world. When you set ambitious goals and work daily to become a master of your craft, you can create positive outcomes that exceed expectations.``

Ways to Work
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Public Speaker.

Learn tools and takeaways to unlock your growth mindset and separate from your competition.

Strategic Advisor.

Engagements designed to help your business create take advantage of unique growth opportunities.

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