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Like you, Marques Colston was assigned a default value at every stage of his professional journey, based on what others thought he could (or could not) accomplish.

But he rejected the default. instead he chose to proactively shift the paradigm of his value at every new stage.

Fueled by a mindset shift and methodology called Creating Separation™, Marques has experienced seemingly unattainable success as a record-breaking NFL wide receiver, venture capital investor, financial advisor, and multifaceted corporate executive. 

Now he synthesizes his diverse experience, through success and setbacks, to support other growth minded professionals as they pursue sustainable professional success.

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Creating Separation is a Mindset™

The truth is most professionals deal with external limitations that impact their ability to succeed — individuals who discount the value of your lived experiences; a setback or adversity that triggers doubt and limiting beliefs; or a career path that doesn’t align with your values and purpose. 

Accepting those limitations is accepting a default future that’s already been determined for you.

But, choosing to reject the default future unlocks creativity and new possibility to pursue success on your terms. And, with the right mindset and strategies, you can transcend external perceptions and limitations to build sustainable success that leads to legacy.

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