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I support athletes, entrepreneurs, professionals, and growth-minded organizations with proven mindsets and strategies to build sustainable success on their own terms.

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Marques is a Strategic Business Advisor and Founder of the Separation Playbook™. But, like you, he was assigned a value at every stage of his professional journey, based on what others thought he could accomplish.

He refused to accept the default storylines that society mapped TO DEFINE his VALUE AND success.

His journey to experience sustained success is fueled by a mindset shift and methodology called Creating Separation™. It has fueled his ability to overcome adversity, navigate obstacles, and rebound from setbacks in order to experience seemingly unattainable success over his lifetime, personally and professionally.

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Creating Separation is a Mindset™

The reality is that most professionals have dealt with limitations external forces place on their ability to succeed. It could be external forces that discount your value, a setback that triggers feelings of self-doubt, or a career that doesn’t align with your lived experiences. But, you don’t have to accept a default future that limits possibility. Create your own future. 

Marques’ journey from an undervalued high school prospect to a record-breaking NFL champion proved that inviting change produces growth, and growth is the precursor to advancement. That belief anchored his evolution into a multifaceted corporate executive working, with dozens of companies as a partner, investor, consultant, and advisor. 

The rigors and challenges Marques has experienced, through success and failure, have uniquely positioned him to empower entrepreneurs and business leaders with the right mindset and strategies to transcend the external perceptions of value to build success on your terms.

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