Marques Colston

Mastering the Art of Creating Separation

From unlikely NFL Legend to unparalleled business leader, Marques Colston embodies the art of transformation. His journey is a testament to the power of Irrational Confidence and the relentless pursuit of excellence.

As Featured In

Bespoke Coaching

Supporting business leaders, athletes, entrepreneurs with bespoke executive coaching


Business Consulting

Helping organizations unlock creativity and new possibility to create sustainable success.


Separation Playbook

Dive deep into the strategies that become your blueprint for success beyond the status quo.


The Executive Athlete

Discover how executive coaching can support athletes turned business leaders.

A portfolio of diverse business interests designed to unlock new creativity and possibility.

Separation Playbook

A culmination of Marques’s diverse experiences, offering unparalleled coaching in personal and professional development.

Champion Venture Partners

An investment and management firm catalyzing accessible growth and innovation at the intersection of sports + business.


Empowering the next generation of athlete development with end-to-end technology data, and analytics solutions.

Supporting community and philanthropic organizations developing the next generation of leaders.

About Me

I'm Marques Colston.
I help athletes, entrepreneurs, and business leaders unlock success beyond their current limitations.

The key to sustained success is self-awareness. But, the reality is many leaders and organizations don’t leverage it.

Creating Separation is a mentality and methodology I’ve mastered throughout my unique journey to use self awareness as a discovery tool to create unique value.

Now leverage it to help global brands to unlock creativity and possibility to achieve their long-term goals and strategic objectives.

Reinventing yourself in order to achieve sustainable success isn't just doable - it's vital.

In choosing to embrace change, you choose to secure the future of your success.

Trusted by Industry Leaders

What Clients Are Saying

“The attention to what was relevant to our group was unique; then you added your experience to accentuate the messages for our group."

Perry Sholes
Founder, Progressive HR Strategies

"Marques is an elite coach...working with him, you quickly gain familiarity with the mentality and the intangibles that drive sustained excellence."

Andrew Jacobson
Co-Founder, DIG

"His points aligned with my thoughts that it's time for the next step in my career".

Business Leader
McKinsey Black LEadership Academy

"It's personal development, life skills, all the things we wish we had."

Rick Cole
Athletic Director, Hofstra University

"Beyond expections...we don't get access to these insights and experiences everyday."

Jinan Glasgow-George
Founder, NEO IP

“Marques' wealth of knowledge, combined with his practical insights, has allowed me to develop a clear vision for my company and implement strategies that have led to measurable growth and improved outcomes."

DJ Johnson
Founder, Baldwin & Co. Books

"He reached me at a deeper level; honestly, it reminded me of Who I am and what I still have to offer this world. A new world that I get to create for myself..."

Aspiring Entrepreneur, UNO

From the Desk of MC

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