I’m Marques Colston.
I help athletes, entrepreneurs, and business leaders unlock success beyond current limitations.

Here’s an inconvenient truth…others will undervalue and underestimate you based on their own assumptions and beliefs. People will assign a value and limitations based on how they perceive your pedigree, experience, capacity, etc.

But, in choosing to reject the limitations, you can separate from the status quo. You can choose to activate a new paradigm that puts you back in the driver’s seat so that you can build a legacy that matches your vision.

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Change is never the enemy; it is opportunity masked as adversity.

Inviting change produces growth and growth is the precursor to securing the future of your success.

A Foundation Built on Tenacity
Marques's early life was marked by a dedication to football, a journey that culminated in a stellar career with the New Orleans Saints. His on-field brilliance is a testament to his work ethic and ability to overcome odds. This period laid the foundation for his philosophy of 'Irrational Confidence,' a belief system that fueled his successes both on and off the field.
Beyond the Field: A Journey Through Entrepreneurship
The end of Marques' NFL career was not a full stop; it was a comma leading to the next chapter. He ventured into business and entrepreneurship with the same vigor he displayed on the field. From owning and operating Arena Football teams, to founding startup businesses, his strategic approach has not only led to successful ventures but also empowered others to unlock their potential."
Empowering Minds: The Separation Playbook
Marques's passion for coaching and mentoring is embodied in the Separation Playbook. Here, he shares his wealth of knowledge, guiding aspiring athletes, entrepreneurs, and executives through the principles of self-discovery, strategic goal setting, and creating a competitive edge - the very principles that he has lived by."
Giving Back: A Commitment to Community
Marques’s dedication extends beyond business and sports. He is deeply involved in community initiatives like CILI and Son of a Saint, underscoring his commitment to nurturing the next generation and giving back to the community that has been an integral part of his journey.
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