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A Superbowl champion turned strategic business advisor and executive coach, Marques’s ability to create uniquely differentiated value has become the sustained competitive advantage that has fueled his success in various high performance industries opportunities over his lifetime.

After a record breaking 10-year NFL career, Marques repurposed the mindset and approach that fueled his sports success into his next chapter as an owner, partner, investor, and advisor in 25+ companies.

Through success and failure he understands the rigors and challenges that today’s athletes, entrepreneurs, and executives face as they build brands and scale businesses.

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Developing your Irrational Confidence

Develop organizational resilience and confidence using a three step process rooted in mastery and self awareness.

The Keys to UNLOCKING Intentional Performance

Create Separation within your organization with a proprietary process designed to align performance with long-term goals

Reclaim Your Competitive Edge With Self Scouting

Enhance your organizational self awareness and learn to reposition your strengths and weaknesses to create strategic advantages

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