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Marques’ game-changing methodology of ‘Creating Separation’ is the paradigm shift that has propelled him to overcome adversity and experience seemingly unattainable accomplishments both personally and professionally, over his lifetime.

Creating Separation is a Mindset© inspired by his illustrious NFL career, spanning a decade, and as an owner, partner, investor, and advisor to dozens of businesses and organizations. His unique experience has given him a front-row seat to what it takes to build and innovate high-performing companies and their teams.

Marques taps into his knowledge and experience to deliver insights that help your organization find new ways to create game-changing separation.

Frequently Requested Speaking Topics

Thoughtful storytelling designed to help your organization unlock game-changing separation.

A mindset shift rooted in the belief that an individual can perform at seemingly unattainable levels due to having the right mentality, well developed strategies, and grit.
Creating Separation is a Mindset
A proven systematic process and game- changing methodology created from Marques’ personal and professional journey of adversity, self awareness and sustained success.

A framework for transformational change that helps leaders at all levels to spot opportunities, build dynamic partnerships, increase strategic alliances, and lead with intention.

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