Performance Coaching

Shift your thinking, develop strategies, achieve sustainable success.

Many are able to leverage their experience, talent, and abilities to achieve success- even in the face of adversity. For ambitious, growth-minded individuals, short-term success is not enough. Once you’ve reached a level of success, you search for what’s next. Your goal isn’t just to achieve short term success. You want to build sustainable success that leads to longevity and legacy.

Long-term success requires you to operate at peak performance for extended periods of time. You’re always competing- against yourself and your competitors.

How do you maintain your edge today, while positioning yourself for growth and success down the road?

This service was created to help growth-minded:

It can be a difficult balance to strike, but Marques Colston is proof that reinventing one’s self for the purpose of sustainable success is just as doable as it is vital. Whether it was evolving his role and playing style as a Superbowl champion wide receiver, or honing his skills as a multi faceted corporate executive, Marques knows that inviting change produces growth and growth is the precursor to advancement.

The same strategies and tools that got you to the top will not keep you there. Once you embrace the shift from the HUNTER to becoming the HUNTED, you need to adopt a different mentality and approach to sustain your success.

Creating Separation© is a methodology I used for over a decade to win at the highest level of competition as an NFL wide receiver, and now leverage as the framework to help growth-minded entrepreneurs and executives unlock creativity and possibility to achieve their strategic goals.

- Marques Colston

Redefine your competitive edge

Change is opportunity masked as adversity. Pivot with vision, wrapped in tenacity.


Perform at seemingly unattainable levels with the right mindset and approach.

Unlock Creativity
and possibility

Innovation is realized once you open your mind to possibilities.

Decision Making

Longevity and legacy are linked to decisions you make today. 

Create Game-Changing Separation

Shift your thinking, develop strategies, achieve sustainable success.


Ready to separate from the pack? Get the tools to position yourself for sustained success.