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I Am Driven to Create Growth Where Others May Not See an Opportunity.

At the core of all of my success in life and business is a tireless work ethic that I learned from my parents growing up. They always encouraged me to dream big, as long as I was willing to put in the work to make it happen. That simple mantra has continued to push me to achieve the goals I set out to accomplish, and keep setting the bar higher.

I believe that when you set ambitious goals and work daily to become a master of your craft, you can create positive outcomes that exceed expectations. I call this approach Irrational Confidence™ and it has been at the foundation of my ability to perform at the highest levels.

My Journey From Overlooked to Overachiever

In high school, I wasn’t a blue chip prospect. In fact, I only had two scholarship offers. I chose to go play college football at little known DI-AA program, Hofstra University. I stepped on campus as a skinny freshman that most people overlooked, and left there four years later owning every major receiving record in school history.

After graduation, I was barely drafted in April of 2006 by the New Orleans Saints. As a compensatory pick at the end of the 7th round, I wasn’t expected to be much more than a “project” and many thought I wouldn’t even make the roster. In five months time, I became an opening day starter as a rookie. Ten years later I left the organization as a Superbowl Champion, leader in every major statistic in franchise history, and Top 50 wide receiver in NFL history.

Many would call it an underdog story. Not me. An underdog is someone that deep down doesn’t believe they should win, and uses external factors as motivation. To me, it didn’t matter what “conventional wisdom” said was possible- I knew what my goals were (ambitious as they might have been). I also knew the amount of work I was willing to put in, and the sacrifices I was willing to make. At that point, success was more about proving myself right for investing in my own goals and ambitions- not proving others wrong. This approach, which I call Irrational Confidence ™, has made all the difference in my career on and off the field.

These Three Pillars Are the
Foundation of My Irrational Confidence


Set actionable goals that exceed expectations


Work to become a master of your craft


Work daily to develop positive habits

Field to the Boardroom

Marques worked his way from unheralded draft pick to become a Superbowl champion, and has brought a similar blue collar approach to business. His work has included various roles across sports, cannabis, and health and wellness.

Playing Career

Over the course of a remarkable 10-year career, Marques ascended from unheralded 7th round pick in 2006 to become the most accomplished receiver in team history. He retired in 2015 as a Superbowl Champion, and the club’s all-time leader in every major receiving category. He was inducted into the Saints Hall of Fame in 2019, a unanimous choice.

Pro Sports Executive

As a team owner and executive, Marques has led two separate organizations, building championship caliber rosters to compete on the field, as well as business teams that reset the bar of excellence.

He served 3 years as the President and General Manager role, responsible for sponsorship, marketing, ticket sales, and football operations. Under his tenure, the organization set team records in revenue, and won its only league championship in 2013.

As an owner with the Philadelphia Soul, Marques also served on the Business Development committee at the Arena Football League.


Since retiring from football, Marques has emerged as a leading growth entrepreneur at the intersection of sports, health and wellness, and technology.

He is currently involved in over a dozen businesses and joint ventures as a partner, chairperson or investor in the sports tech, cannabis and franchise industries.

Speaker and Facilitator

Marques has worked with universities, corporations, entrepreneur organizations, and other groups, to deliver keynotes and leadership workshops focused on professional development and entrepreneurship.

He partnered with Columbia Business School to develop an executive education program for professional athletes, as well as developed a program at Hofstra University focused on providing entrepreneurship and professional development resources for student athletes.

Diverse Experience Across Multiple Industries.

Timeless Herbal Care
Leading international medical cannabis company based in Jamaica
Main Squeeze Juice Co.
Cold-pressed juice and smoothie franchise concept
Virtua logo
Virtua Health
Center for Innovation at NJ-based hospital system
Kompete logo
Sports data and analytics startup that provides performance solutions

Ways to Work With Marques.

Marques uses his unique blend of skills and experiences to help growth-minded individuals and organizations unlock their potential and separate from their competition.